Eye exercise while working on a laptop

 Eye exercise while working on a laptop

Mayank Agarwal

Staring continuously on the computer during a long work day can put immense strain on your eyes. An increase in visual demands,poor lighting, and not enough blinking are the factors which contributes to computer-related eyestrain. Since simply throwing the computer away isn’t an option, here are some helpful eye exercises that can help relieve the strain computer screens place upon your eyes.

Average blinking rate should normally be 16-20.However, in front of the computer, it can fall down up to 6!! Hence, increasing chances of dry eye allergies and infections. To avoid this one must voluntarily remember to blink. 20 complete blinks every two hours can make a world of difference to your ocular health

Take a visual break and try to focus somewhere else than a gadget be it computer screen or mobile screen now and then. For several seconds or minutes, it’s important to take your eyes off the computer screen and look away at something else. Aim to do this at least once an hour.

You have heard about the relaxing neck rolls, but eye rolling can really be beneficial for you when sitting in front of the computers for hours. Take a minute and make sure you roll your eyes while you’re working. It’s simple to pick up: close your eyes and roll your eyes around in circular motions. It almost feels like your eyes are getting a massage, which helps to lubricate your eyes and eases the strain on the muscles.


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