Tips for making delicious cocktails at home

 Tips for making delicious cocktails at home

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India’s Best Bartender Santanu Chanda shares a few tips for making delicious cocktails that you can follow for your home bar. Read on:

Upgrade your home bar with these must-have spirits
When it comes to hosting, having a versatile mix of different spirits that can be enjoyed at different occasions can make all the difference. Consider stocking up on a mix of spirits like:
Bourbon: A spirit with a rich flavour and an oaky tinge such as Jim Beam
Gin: If you’re on the hunt for a tasty summer spirit, give Roku Gin a go! It’s the perfect spirit especially when paired with ginger ale or a flavoured tonic
Vodka: Used in different cocktails and mixed concoctions, vodka should be the first bottle on one’s liquor list
Scotch: Looking for a whisky that’s a hit with the whisky connoisseurs? Look no further than Teacher’s Whisky, a spirit renowned for its nuanced flavour
Tequila: The perfect spirit for a chilled glass of margarita
Beer: Ideal for a relaxing Sunday afternoon with friends
Wine: Red or white? How about both to keep your options open and your glasses full!

Choose the best glassware to complement your liquid treasures
When setting up a home bar, it is crucial to consider the type of drink to be served as different drinks require specific glassware to enhance their flavour and aroma. For example, cocktails are best served in tumblers or martini glasses, while beer is typically served in pint glasses. The glassware chosen should complement the drink being served. While having a variety of glassware is important, it is also important to keep things simple. One can stick to a few basic types of glasses, such as highball glasses, rocks glasses, beer glasses, and wine glasses, to be well-prepared for any occasion. For those who love cocktails, they can choose from a range of glasses like Nick and Nora glasses, Pony glass, and Copay glass to add variety to their home bar.

Essential equipment to elevate your home bar experience
Get ready to shake, stir, and serve up some liquid magic at home! Building your very own bar station demands a handful of must-have gadgets to guarantee you’re always equipped to mix your favourite drinks to perfection. Here are a few of the essential items to keep on your radar:
Cocktail Shaker: Shake things up with a cocktail shaker! It’s perfect for making drinks like margaritas and martinis.
Jigger: A jigger is a bartender’s best friend. Use it to measure the perfect amount of liquor for your cocktails.
Strainer: Keep unwanted bits out of your drinks with a strainer. A Hawthorne strainer is easy to use and will keep your cocktails smooth.
Bar Spoon: Stir things up with a bar spoon! It’s perfect for cocktails that are served on the rocks or in a mixing glass.
Ice Bucket and Tongs: An ice bucket and tongs not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your bar but also keep your ice hygienic and odourless. Keep your ice separate and fresh by using these essentials!

Top liqueurs and mixers to step up your home bar game:
If you’re looking to step up your home bar game, adding some liqueurs and mixers to your collection can be a great way to create a wider range of cocktails and expand your options. Here are some popular liqueurs and mixers to consider:
Bitters: Add a little pizzazz to your drinks with these concentrated flavourings
Vermouth: Whether it’s sweet or dry, vermouth is a classic cocktail ingredient
Triple Sec: For all your orangey needs, this liqueur is perfect for margaritas and more
Club Soda and Tonic Water: These mixers give your highballs a refreshing fizz
Juice: Lemon and lime are essential, but other juices like pineapple can add a fun twist
Syrups: Flavoured syrups like grenadine and honey can sweeten up your cocktails in a unique way
Other liqueurs: Pick your favourites and add them to your bar! Amaretto, anyone?

Get creative with garnishes:
A well-placed garnish can take a drink from ordinary to extraordinary. Experiment with different fruits, herbs, and spices to find the perfect garnish for your cocktails.
Citrus: Lemon twists, lime wedges, and orange slices can add a burst of citrusy flavour.
Herbs: Fresh herbs like mint, basil, and rosemary can add a unique and aromatic twist
Olives: Green or stuffed, olives are a classic savoury garnish.
Cocktail onions: These add a sweet and tangy flavour to savoury cocktails.
Cherries: Maraschino cherries add a pop of colour and sweetness to drinks.
Sugar or salt rim: A rim can add extra flavour to a cocktail. Use sugar for sweet and salt for savoury drinks.

Practice, practice, practice:
Don’t be afraid to get creative and put in the time and effort needed to perfect the art of cocktail-making! Keep experimenting with new ingredients and mixing techniques until you find the perfect combination that makes your taste buds dance with joy.


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