New env-friendly & energy-efficient air cleaner

 New env-friendly & energy-efficient air cleaner

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The smog may have lifted after troubling Delhi-NCR residents but the air quality has not improved yet. In fact, thanks to global warming, vehicle emission, construction activities and garbage burning, the air quality is never healthy in Delhi. And why talk about only Delhi? The deteriorating air quality has become a modern-day reality in the entire country. In fact, experts go on to add that the quality of air even inside the four walls of your home isn’t safe either. It is apparently as bad as the outside air.

Scientists and various tech firms keep researching ways and means of making and keeping the air clean and breathable. The latest one is an air cleaner from the house of Osram Group. The company has come up with a revolutionary new innovation, Air Zing 2020, to keep your home free of dust and microbes. It is an environment-friendly air purification system that uses ultraviolet light to clean the air from the air conditioning systems.

While the R&D of the product was done in Germany and took decades, the development started in January this year in India. “Air Zing 2020 has been specifically developed for the Indian market. The manufacturing unit is in Noida (Uttar Pradesh) and we have already applied for a patent,” says Micheal Pleuser, vice-president, BlueTec Solutions, OSRAM AG.

It is easy-to-install and maintain retrofit system for window air conditioning systems (ACs) that deactivates germs, bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals and improves the quality of air in the room thereby reducing the risk of air borne infections, illnesses and allergies.

Since it is based on UV light technology it is an environment-friendly product which can help make your home and office a secure and healthy place.  The ultraviolet light source, which needs to be replaced once a year, ensures that the air in a room is improved round the clock without the need for chemicals, in stark contrast to conventional air purification systems which lose their effectiveness over time.

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UV light has a number of benefits the foremost being that it suppresses the formation of mold within the air-conditioning systems. This means that pathogens like viruses and bacteria cannot breed. The UV light also disinfects the air passing through the air-conditioning system improving the quality of air in the room significantly and thereby reducing the risk of causing infections.

In addition, since Air Zing 2020 is installed in a window air conditioner it suppresses deposits on the heat exchanger and therefore helps maintain the energy efficiency of the system, leading to a sustainable reduction in electricity costs.

“The product comes at a cost of Rs 3,500 and is presently available only in Delhi. We are educating the AC service companies on the installation of Air Zing 2020. We will be training their staff in installation process and also provide certification. Only certified service providers will be able to install the product,” informs Pleuser.


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