Roman archeological site uncovered in Amman

 Roman archeological site uncovered in Amman

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Amid excavations for a water drainage system to control floods, a Greco-Roman archeological site was uncovered in the downtown of Amman, the capital of Jordan. According to the department of Amman antiquities, the site was found to have second-century tiled Roman baths with heated cellars and a crematorium. Incidentally, the historical Roman Theatre of Amman is located nearby.



Recently, the site was discovered, with a space of around 80 sq m. It extended under the main street. Also found during the excavation were two statues, with one of a man (160 cm tall with a broken head). The site used to be submerged by the River Amman, which was covered as Amman city grew, but periodical floods in winter still caused loss to surrounding areas. The Roman baths are preliminarily traced back to the second century with an estimated age of some 1,800 years.

photo courtesy Xinhua


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