Shikha Sinha – an artist who looks to re-connect with fluid memories of her past

 Shikha Sinha – an artist who looks to re-connect with fluid memories of her past

An abstract work by artist Shikha SInha on display at the show

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Pierced by The Light of the Stars, a solo show by artist Shikha Sinha, is a perfect example of the result we get when passion fuses with determination. The artist has shown a highly diverse range of engagement in creating visual, auditory, or performed artefacts that reflect her power of imagination and passion. The show has 14 art works ranging of sizes 5×5 ft or 5×7 ft, which Sinha made during the three year period between 2019 and 2021.

The artist says the exhibition is her way to reconnect with her past, her roots, and that the works are a visual representation of her memories. “Every painting is a snapshot of the life that I have lived. There is a piece of myself that I have shown through these images on the canvas,” she says, adding, “But as spices influence food so does surroundings and experiences impact the memories one has of the past.”

For Sinha, her art work illustrates the entire aspect of human life as viewed through a micro-lens. She believes everything in the world is abstract… formless just as her works represent. “What we see or feel is limited by our senses,” she says explaining that’s it is the reason she does not use realistic forms in her paintings. “Also, I try to not place any compulsion upon myself, my work or on viewers on how they should view my work for then we get trapped by our preconceived notions about how or what things are rather than what they actually are. Viewers should see these paintings through their own lens,” she puts in.

Talking about her next project, Sinha says it would focus on multimedia installations and sculptures apart from paintings. “I have some ideas that have festering in my mind for a while. Let’s hope that I am able to put them into action,” she shares.

In these challenging times where the fear of the virus keeps coming back to haunt us, Sinha says the concept of online shows are here to stay. “In this increasingly interactive and interconnected digital world, you have to be open to new ideas, especially in the current situation of the pandemic. Online shows are a godsend for both artists and art aficionados. They have allowed us to stay connected and emerge strong,” she says. However, Sinha opines that physical shows will not be going anywhere too. “They are the blood and bones of the art industry. I prefer physical shows better as they allow me to connect with people and see how people connect with my art and how it affects at that moment because that is what we are all trying to do, to form a connection with others,” she says.

A native of Bihar, Sinha belongs to a zamindaar family, and grew up “catching butterflies and making dolls with friends”. “But I spent a lot of time in my own imagination of lights and colours,” she says, crediting her mother for helping her take those nascent steps into the art field. A graduate from the College of Art and Craft, Patna, Sinha is also the recipient of Senior Fellowship from the Union Ministry of Culture, Government of India and Junior Fellowship from the Ministry of Education, Government of India. She has extensively showcased her works across India and globe.

While her forte is painting, she doesn’t like to limit herself to it, and is involved in different artworks in different mediums. “Whatever language or medium I need to express myself, I use. Whatever medium comes naturally, I embrace. In work as in life I don’t believe in constraints and restrictions,” she says.

“Life is art and art is life. There are no fixed hours for me because 24×7 you have be switched on. There are no off days because inspiration can strike you anywhere and at any time,” she remarks.

The show is on view till Dec 30, 11am-7pm at Gallery 1000A, Old MB Road, Lado Sarai, New Delhi


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