Sculptures inspired by motifs of the Indus valley civilisation

 Sculptures inspired by motifs of the Indus valley civilisation

Animals occupy centrestage in village festivals

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Gallery Art Positive, Lado Sarai, New Delhi  is holding a sculpture exhibition of renowned Tamil artist Elanchezhiyan Pichaikannu. The show titled Beyond the Myth presents a series of sculptures showing resemblance to cow, bull, yogi and sacred trees, all of which seems to be inspired by the motifs of the Indus valley civilization.

One sculpture that specifically stands out is the in which the artist has provided a feather to a young herdsman and surrounded him with cow and bulls. The herdsman is dancing and playing the flute akin to Lord Krishna. But, all the artworks on the show establish a life filled with art, which not only decorates a modern space but also takes one closer to nature.

Krishna with cow

“I am always attracted to the sacred animals in village rituals. These animals were there in my previous sculptures as well,” says the artist. Talking about the sculpture ‘Angel Bulls’, he says, “During the festivals at villages, I notice many people are attracted to sculptures like that of ‘Vali on the Chariot’. This led me to the idea of creating a surrealist group composition of the angel bulls lifted by dwara palakas.”

Bull seems to be a favourite of the artist

“Elan has always been fascinated by bulls, which are at the core of all his creative pursuits. No wonder, in this show as well, “angel bulls” is his central theme. But he has also juxtaposed it with nature to portray his native town and his roots. Even the forms and the materials have evolved to include wood, fibre glass and metal castings” says Anu Bajaj, Director of Gallery Art Positive.

Balancing the art

Agrees Elan: “Change is the only word unchanged, during the course of exploration, my art has grown in a manner wherein I have changed the medium from pure brass to incorporate wood, granite and casting metals. In my latest creation I have used strategies like traditional oxidized techniques to create unique sculptures.”

The show is on till November 30, 11am to 7pm


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