Higher Self-connect strengthens my core values & vision in life, says Kamar Alam

 Higher Self-connect strengthens my core values & vision in life, says Kamar Alam

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Art is his childhood friend, and it came most effortlessly and naturally to him. Reason: His father Aziz Ul Haque is an artist – Kamar Alam grew up seeing him work. “I have imitated my father’s each and every stroke and he is my inspiration and strength till date,” he says, adding “I was always one stroke behind him and that’s how I learnt so many things.” So, it was a given that he will pursue art as his career choice. After completing his school from Dehradun, he joined the College of Art, Delhi for Bachelors, post which he did his Masters from Lalit Kala Santhan, Agra.
Working professionally since 2005, Kamar has showcased his works in numerous exhibitions across India & abroad, but still paints for almost 8 to 10 hours a day. “This time is inclusive of painting, drawings, conceptualizing and creating layouts digitally. Another two hours I dedicate to acquiring new skills and learning creative software,: he says.
He is all set to unveil his latest works, titled Believing, in group art shows at Delhi and Kolkata. The Delhi show, Strokes of Perfection by Khushii Art, New Delhi is a fundraiser for charity by Khushii NGO, this weekend April 14 & 15 while the Kolkata show, titled A L I G N M E N T, is an exclusive art show presented by Isha Mody Patodia, Genesis Art Gallery & The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata from April 17 to May 30. Kamar tells us more about his art and life:

Tell us something about your series ‘Believing’. How many works are on display at the two shows?
Believing has six works on display at the two shows.
Thoughts are interconnected and infinite. They cross and transcend each other. Each positive thought is a journey in themselves and are carriers our existence. I visualize myself within the infinite space and universe, created by my maker. We as beings are interconnected. I believe, one should hold onto the greatest and the purest of thoughts. These in turn initiates and influences our words and actions positively, giving out love, brotherhood, peace, and creating good Karma. The good Karma acts as your vehicle of enlightenment. It is symbolic of the boat/tree here in the work, which also stands as the connection to everything around us, and spirituality, wisdom, knowledge, strength & positivity. This helps me to flow and blossom within while I also spread the seeds of love and goodness around… It is also nature’s way of renewing and blossoming itself, again and again.

Song of the Dawn, 36 by 72 inch, Oil on Canvas

Are there any plans to showcase these works in more exhibitions?
Works always move from one place to another. Even if works are sold, the collector has the liberty to display my works in any other exhibition or collection. And I am continuously working on newer projects and exhibitions, with many works in the pipeline.

What explains your special interest in spirituality?
I believe in simplicity and minimalism. Spirituality has helped me to hold onto important things and let go of the irrelevant. It has helped me to calm my emotions & feelings and to stay grounded in whatever circumstances. It helps to create my own personal space and allow others’ to move around you, without conflict. The Higher Self-connect helps to strengthen my core values, principles and morals; my purpose and my vision; and my perspective and direction.

Believing, 40 by 70 inches, Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

Who do you consider your ideal?
I don’t have one ideal. There are many good and great values that I have received from my parents, teachers, elders and some great things that are my own. So, it is an amalgamation. I appreciate people who respect and regard the personal space of others, whether mental, psychological or physiological… As an artist, I believe this helps to develop and broaden our thought process.

Which is your favourite medium to work, and why?
My favourite medium is Oils on Canvas, but I like to use Acrylic colours too. Oils can be molded and allows you to develop and evolve your thought process while work is in progress. Oils allows you to change them before drying starts. That’s why it appeals to me very much, as my thoughts evolve with my work…

Any other interests?
Travelling and food. I want to travel the world and enjoy different cuisines.



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