Iconic works by noted artists in auction

 Iconic works by noted artists in auction

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AstaGuru is presenting iconic masterpieces by some of India’s most distinguished artists in its upcoming Modern Indian Art Online Auction. The online auction to be held on September 8 & 9 will feature 50 lots, including works by modern masters such as M F Husain, S H Raza, Krishen Khanna, Bhupen Khakhar, F N Souza, Anjolie Ela Menon, K K Hebbar, Ganesh Pyne, Jamini Roy among others.

“The demand for modern Indian art increased exponentially in the last year. The Indian auction market witnessed the highest turnover till date with the demand for the Moderns increasing by over 65% from the previous financial year. This further substantiates the great potential in the Indian art market, and while seasoned collectors continue to expand and enrich their collections, new bidders are constantly seeking to acquire works at every price point. All of this inspired us to curate an auction that presents the best that modern Indian art has to offer at varied price points where budding collectors can acquire quality works to commence their journeys, while at the same time allows seasoned buyers to acquire a masterpiece that defines Indian modernism,” says Sneha Gautam, Vice President- Client Relations, AstaGuru.

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M F Husain’s Untitled, 1972 (left) and Raza’s Prakriti, 1997 (right)

Making its auction debut and leading the sale is M F Husain’s oil on canvas work from the year 1972, a highly significant work, originally from the Pitti family collection. Throughout his career, Husain formed strong relationships with several art connoisseurs and enjoyed the patronage of several collectors in India and abroad. He developed a close bond with Pitti who commissioned several masterpieces from the artist. Husain remained in close contact with Pitti for over three decades and even frequented his family property in Hyderabad where he’d spend large amounts of time and even created several works.

Another highlight is S H Raza is Prakriti (Lot 37) executed in 1997, which revels in explorations with line, form, and the revelation of the Bindu. Estimated at Rs 1.8 – 2 crore, it is executed in a primarily blue palette with hues of black and green. The work showcases how Raza’s style had completely evolved from his early abstract landscapes and French influenced style towards spiritual concepts and geometric shapes.

Another important highlight in the sale is Lot 34, an early Landscape, 1963, by Akbar Padamsee, which will be offered at an estimate of Rs 1 – 1.5 crores. It was created by the artist during an extremely vital transitional phase when he was exploring different visual expressions, beyond the realm of the human figure and the genre of still-life. These abstract landscapes were created by Padamsee shortly after his famous grey series works and act as the formative ground upon which he went on to build his Metascapes.

Manjit Bawa’s, Flying, 1978, an early composition by the artist will be appearing at auction after nearly 24 years at an estimate of Rs 60 – 70 lakhs. It showcases Bawa’s fascinating artistic evolution. Aptly titled ‘Flying’ the protagonist appears to be what may have drifted into the artist’s subconscious in a dream. This rare masterpiece (Lot 42) provides a glimpse into Bawa’s trajectory as an artist and acts a precursor to several works he created with a similar central figure.


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