Five tips for monsoon decor

 Five tips for monsoon decor

Punam Kalra

Monsoons are almost always a much-wanted respite from sultry summer heat. It’s an artful season, evoking a range of overlapping emotions, from a peaceful pause to an occasional nostalgia. This lush season calls for a breezy décor, and here are a few tips to keep the monsoon blues at bay.

  1. Prep furniture for monsoon dampness
    Keep the furniture spaced away from each other, from the wall and the windows, to avoid moisture absorption that habituates growth of fungi and bacteria. Protect polished or painted surfaces by avoiding damp cleaning clothes and using protective treatments.

  2. Allow better ventilation
    The heavy drapes can be replaced with sheer or lace curtains to bring in more natural lighting, lending an airy and spacious feel to the rooms.
  3. Enhance functional decor with a touch of quirkiness
    A contemporary umbrella stand along with a minimal dirt trap mat (jute, coir, rubber) next to the entrance makes for a fun décor while keeping the unwanted mud away. Mixing weatherproof lounging furniture with lush planters and protective bamboo or transparent blinds accentuates the outdoors into a dreamy, relaxing spot.
  4. Introduce contemporary aesthetic with spirited colours, textures, aromas and lighting
    Furniture in deep tones like blue, aqua and green or in contrasting chic patterns, along with lamps and vases in unique forms, statement artwork and plush cushions, throws and covers in vibrant tones like citrus, tangerine, lavender and pink create a cozy and captivating space. Modern cutlery, perfumed candles, flowers, leafy plants and sublime handcrafts, like stoneware, ceramics and clayware, add cheer and a quaint magnetism to the interiors. Fresh or ornamental flowers in assorted vases and urlis, along with organic diffusers add a natural fragrance and freshness to the interiors.

  5. Create cozy reading and relaxing corners
    State-of-the-art floor or wall lamps add warm and ambient lighting to the corners, brightening up the entire room. A lazy chair, a chaise or a cushy sofa, with an ottoman or footstool and suave side tables, a stack of pillows, cozy pullovers in natural fabrics and modern rugs make for a snug interior setting. A minimal storage cabinet, a built-in bookshelf or a small home library, along with a play of sensory textures, serene pops of color and personal bits of decor, like family photos, botanical wall art, and travel knick knacks add an extra-comfy touch to the lounging corner.

The author is an interior designer


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