Gaia Organic Turmeric Granules launched

 Gaia Organic Turmeric Granules launched

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Indian cuisine is all about spices! But are you consuming harmful ingredients in the name of spices? Well, conventional spices are fumigated with various pesticides; consuming which can be debilitating for your health in the longer run.  So switch to organic which are not only healthy and eco-friendly, but also contain no pesticides and preservatives.

Leading health and wellness brand Gaia’s new specialised line Gaia Organic is here to your rescue; turmeric granules being one of its organic products. Garnered from various certified organic farms, Gaia Organic Turmeric Granules is all-natural, contains no pesticides and additives and has a high Curcumin content. A traditional spice and a medicinal herb, it is rich in anti-oxidants and is also an anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic agent. Furthermore, these granules retain more yellow colour, delicate aroma and nutrients than the powdered form available in the market.


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