Wooden sanitizer booths will be the new normal in post-Covid era

 Wooden sanitizer booths will be the new normal in post-Covid era

Saurabh Sood

Life in post-COVID era will be a full circle diversion from what it used to be. But this situation is here to stay for longer than we had anticipated. Therefore, precautions of all kinds become pertinent. In a bid to spread awareness and contain the spread of the virus further, each country is coming out with its own solutions and mechanisms to deal with it and live life in the new normal.

India’s burgeoning population is a cause for major worry when a pandemic of Coronavirus’ magnitude strikes. It not only affects people and costs their lives, it spreads faster due to human contact, keeping in mind our population which is relatively high as per density of people living in close proximity to each other in various pockets.

Nature Homes, a pioneer in ecofriendly living solutions in India has come up with a unique solution of wooden sanitizer cabins that could be installed at various locations to help people sanitize in public locations in a bid to contain the spread of such viruses which have cost the world dear. Research has shown that wooden structures unlike metal and plastics provide less conducive environment for the virus to grow and therefore spread. The virus can barely sustain itself when on a wooden surface and therefore, there are lesser chances of it to spread further and infect. These booths will thoroughly sanitize each person before they enter the public facility and mingle in the crowd.

India, like other countries, is trying to develop the same in the country both by spreading awareness and, at the same time installing mechanisms in public domain to deal with it. Many new homegrown innovations and mechanisms have come to light in these times to tackle its spread. The wooden sanitizers are a ready solution which can be easily installed in public spaces like office buildings, schools, malls, arcades, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, public health systems and many such places.

Now is a wake call for the world to try and go green and opt for options that help conserve and preserve nature in as many ways as possible. As a country which continues to face high mortality rate compared to others due to diseases and lack of both resources and hygienic measures, it is our duty as citizens to work towards creating awareness and encouraging eco-friendly measures which are not only good safeguards for health and wellbeing but are also helping us conserve our resources while reducing our carbon footprints.

The author is the founder of Nature Homes


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