Phone has a very special vibe to it; youngsters today can relate to it

 Phone has a very special vibe to it; youngsters today can relate to it

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Koinage Records has come out with a music video Phone starring Srishty Rode and Vishal Singh. The song, sung by Kapil Sahdev, revolves around toxic love as seen in many modern-day relationships and their vague, low life spans.
Remembered for her roles in Kuchh Is Tara, Punar Vivah, Saraswatichandra, Ishqbaaz, Rode also appeared as a celebrity contestant in Bigg Boss 12, while Vishal is famous as Jigar Chirag Modi in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. Life & More spoke with the two actors to know more. Excerpts:

How was the Phone experience?
SR: Great. This is our second music video together. We have been friends for 15 years now. So we share a good comfort level. Also, he was my first friend in the industry, and it is always exciting to work with friends.
VS: Yeah, it was really amazing because we are close friends and share a good rapport. Also, since the entire Phone team was supportive and friendly, we had a great time shooting the song.

What was that one special thing about the song that you decided to be a part of the video?
SR: I just love the song, everything about Phone, the music, the lyrics, the singer. The Phone song is really touching, and at the same time so relatable – I think everybody has had breakups and hardships in their relationships.
VS: This song has a very special vibe to it. it’s a very “now” song. Today’s youth would be able to relate to it.

Do you think as compared to men, women are more expressive?
SR: Not always. Some men are really very expressive as well.
VS: I don’t believe that women are better at expressing themselves. I feel it is not a gender issue, but pertains to human emotions. I have seen many men who are much more expressive than women.

Vishal, you were at Bigg Boss house recently…
Bigg Boss is my favourite show. It was amazing to be a part of it, even if for a brief while. I always wanted to be a part of BB but was actually sacred because I really feel that mentally I am not so strong. I have huge respect for all the contestants.

Vishal recently entered BB15 house as a challenger along with
Chandna, Munmun Dutta & Akanksha Puri

And how was your Bigg Boss 12 experience, Srishty? Are you following the latest season? If yes, who is your favourite contestant and why?
It was amazing. It is one thing you can’t even pay and buy it. I have not followed much this season as I have been travelling a lot. I have seen it on and off, so I don’t have a favourite as such.

You both have been in the industry for close to 15 years. How do you think has it changed?
SR: Fifteen years ago, it was just television now we have online media and web shows. So people these days have more opportunities. The Social Media has played an important role in giving a boost to an actor. I feel the younger generation has more push or opportunities than what we had. Now people are more glued over their phone watching online shows, I think many people have forgotten TV. The plus point for us back then was that people were only looking at us on TV, but negative point was there were less opportunities for actors at that time.
VS: In terms of television I have not seen much change because we have a set of audience who loves watching the family shows and drama. But if you talk about films and web, they have changed a lot. The kind of shows we have these day is much different – there is a lot of experimentation with characters and stories. It’s more realistic now. I really want that television should also start experimenting with these new concepts.

Srishty Rode in a scene from Punar Vivah

What are you doing when not shooting?
SR: Well, I am dancing. I do a lot of other activities as well – swimming, yoga, going out with friends.
VS: I spend time with my family as we are a close-knit family.

What’s up next for you?
SR: I am ready to make a comeback soon but rather not talk about it at this moment. I’ll share the details shortly.
VS: I have my limited CDs called Dhappa coming out on Hungama. Plus there are two films in my kitty.


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