Pankaj Tripathi lends support to NCB

 Pankaj Tripathi lends support to NCB

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On International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (June 26), actor Pankaj Tripathi has extended his support to the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) with an important message. As Pankaj is a people’s actor with massive following among all age groups, NCB Patna Zonal Unit reached out to the actor, requesting him to lend support for the cause.

As an actor, Tripathi understands that his stance and support for such significant topics matter greatly. He recognises the fact that his voice has the power to influence innumerable lives in a positive manner. Thus, on this important day, the talented actor has recorded and shared a video with a strong message for today’s generation with regard to drug abuse and the terrible impact it has not just on the lives of their loved ones, but on their own lives as well. In his video, he urges everyone to stay away from drugs and focus on the brighter side of life instead.

“The authorities from NCB Patna reached out to me for this cause, and anything that is associated with Bihar and in public concerns, I personally have the interest to lend my support for such campaigns and create awareness. Cinema is one of the favourite mediums of youth and as an actor, if we initiate any awareness campaign it may reach out to maximum people creating more impact. It’s a social responsibility for me as an actor and as a citizen of this country and I try to fulfill my duty as much as I can,” said Pankaj.


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