Trans gender Naaz Joshi to star in horror suspense film Revenge

 Trans gender Naaz Joshi to star in horror suspense film Revenge

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While we have seen normal men and women playing the roles of trans-gender people in films like Shabnam Mausi, Tamanna and more recently Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui, we are yet to see a trans-gender playing the character of cis gender woman. But trans-gender super model Naaz Joshi is all set to change that.

Bollywood director and actor Vipin K Sethie is launching Joshi in his next project Revenge as his main lead. Joshi will now participate in an acting workshop, dance classes and martial art training. Revenge is a bold suspense horror film.

Talking about the film, Joshi says Revenge is story of a newly-married woman Sameera, who is newly married to the love of her life.

“This is a challenge not just for me not but also for the entire clan. Pain behind a trans woman to look like a cis woman can be well explained only by a trans woman,” says Joshi.

This apart, Joshi is also working on her home production Draupadi, a black and white series of a transsexual prostitute. This 15 mins movie is going to be realistic with real LGBT community actors. Joshi is also working on her debut music video, kate nahi kat-te, a song she produced in 2018 but couldn’t complete for various reasons.


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