Nitish Bharadwaj once again plays Lord Krishna in Hindi play ‘Chakravyuh’

 Nitish Bharadwaj once again plays Lord Krishna in Hindi play ‘Chakravyuh’

A scene from Hindi play Chakravyuh

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Nitish Bharadwaj and The Film and Theatre Society come back to Delhi with their much-revered play Chakravyuh this Sunday. This play features Nitish Bharadwaj as Lord Krishna Bhardwaj first enacted the role of Lord Krisha in BR Chopra’s TV show Mahabharata.

The play is the story of the 13th day of the great battle of Mahabharata. This play does not confine “Chakravyuh” to just a war-craft and take it to the level of a complete philosophy, but explores the episode of the killing of Abhminayu in Chakravyuh formation and all the questions, myths, ideologies and convictions related to it at many levels.

Hindi play

Written and performed in the form of verses, this play works as a bridge between the past and present and connects them both with perennial concepts of Karma and Dharma. Atul Satya Koushik, known all over India for his original plays and spectacular visualisation on stage, has written and directed the play, where he tells the story of Mahabharata from the perspective of Krishna.

Krishna appears and settles all questions, myths, and misunderstanding of everyone present. He passes on the eternal messages of Karma and by telling no one has ever been able to come out of their respective chakravyuh as this whole life is nothing but a chakravyuh. Our karma is to fight in the chakravyuh and get out of it.

Hindi play

Says Koushik, “Indian history has always intrigued me and I have always tried to interpret the history in a manner which gives a new meaning to the episodes that have been told to us a myriad of times before. The mere idea of a sixteen-year-old young fighter, who bears on his shoulder the name and legacy of the most acclaimed archer of all times, fighting alone with seven of the greatest warriors who ever fought on this earth undoubtedly gave me goose bumps. But I wanted to bring out more from this story. I have tried to tell, through Krishna, why to mourn the fact that Abhimanyu could not make his way out of the chakravyuh when no one else has ever been able to do so. This whole life is a chakravyuh, those seven warriors were seven evils within us and we all are Abhimanyus who have to fight them throughout our lives.”

“I believe that with whatever the world has seen during these difficult years of pandemic, the words and message of Lord Krishna in this play will connect all the more with the audience,” says Bharadwaj.

Watch the play on January 08, 5pm at Kamani Auditorium, Mandi House, Delhi   



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