Mystical Tales For A Magical Life

 Mystical Tales For A Magical Life

Hi! I am Mystical Tales For A Magical Life, authored by  TEDx speaker, lifestyle coach, storyteller and author Shubha Vilas. Don’t know if you are aware that the Vedic texts are a wellspring of stories, of lessons, of tales that never get old. And here I, Mystical Tales For A Magical Life, bring you 11 of the most interesting, unheard and thought-provoking tales that have been curated from the scriptures, the epics and the Puranas and correlates our present-day situations.
Each of these stories promise to keep you glued at the edge of the seat till you complete them. Some will continue to linger in the mind much beyond that. For those fascinated by fictional magical adventure stories from the West, will find these true mystical adventures from the East an unbelievable eye-opener.

I also reveal numerous inspiring life lessons in the course of each of these stories. For those of you who believe stories are meant to entertain, I prove they also educate. Each of these stories I, Mystical Tales For A Magical Life, bring to you are studded with resplendent gems of wisdom, inspires deep thinking.
Along with my author I invite you to embark on this mystical adventure that will certainly increase the depth and width of your life leading to much-needed self-growth and satisfaction.
Fingerprint!; Rs 250; e-book available


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