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Chhichore craze still on

Life&More September 14, 2019

Alma Mater, India’s largest customised apparel brand, has launched the exclusive Chhichore collection as its the official merchandising partner for the Bollywood movie Chhichore. The brand is offering customers unique and quirky designs with slangs used in the movie — Aur Tera Bunty Kaisa Hai?, Chote Nawab se Guft Gu?, Haq Se Loser, Chhichore Squad and more.

The Alma Mater Chhichore collection includes unisex hoodies as well as t-shirts. Customers can also customise and get their own Chhichore apparel in three simple steps online using Alma Mater Design Studio.
Available www.almamaterstore.in
Price Between Rs 999and Rs 1,299

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