Weekly tarot guidance

 Weekly tarot guidance

Take great pride in the awesome work that you are doing. You need to add additional information and creativity to grow further. Taking help from a fatherly figure will help you become more stable.
Lucky colour: Red

Take charge of your emotions this week as you may feel low. Some message from your loved one this week will cheer you up.
You are getting inclined towards spirituality which is a good sign. This will be your anchor in your life.
Lucky colour: Yellow

The current time is like the light at the end of a tunnel for you. Have some more patience as this will bring balance in your life for sure. You will also reap the benefits of the seeds you have sown in the past.
Lucky colour: White

You may need guidance and support. Simply go for it as this will help you in creating something amazing for you later. You are accepting your mistakes and are ready to work on them to create a better life for you and your loved ones.
Lucky colour: Black

You have always been a lighthouse to others. Do not feel too proud of it as the arrogance may set in. You have all the possibilities and capabilities to shine like the bright star. Hence, it is time to work on yourself now.
Lucky colour: Grey

Bring in more discipline in your life. It will bring in more stability emotionally and physically. Staying connected to your friends and family will give you more love and strength.
Lucky colour: Sky blue

Acceptance of your current situation is of utmost importance. This will help generate new ideas and new ways for you. Let go of the habits, friends, relationships, situations, etc. as they are not serving you any longer.
Lucky colour: Yellow

Continue to stand up for your beliefs, principles and your learnings. People around you may try to pull you down which makes you feel low and dejected. But worry not and keep paving your path with lot of determination. You will do extremely wonderful.
Lucky colour: Orange

Spend some time with your love. This will bring in more stability in your relationship. Enjoy the beauty of relationships in your life.
Always be loyal to your partner.
Lucky colour: Dark green

You have worked hard to reach here. Just the last leg of the journey remains. Advancement and success is around you.
You will find your anchor through this.
Lucky colour: Turquoise

Time to make a bold decision. Positive changes are seen if you decide and move ahead. Open your eyes to see the sea of possibilities around you. Let go of the past.
Lucky colour: Dark pink

Keep moving ahead and keep inspiring. Stay positive if you are planning to do something new. You have crossed many internal and external obstacles to reach where you are right now. Enjoy the moment.
Lucky colour: Purple


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