Weekly tarot guidance

 Weekly tarot guidance

Some difficult situation ending for you creating space for the good times. It would be like dream come true. You will be supported all along as you are creating a masterpiece.
Lucky colour: Lilac

Make a wish. It is a very fertile and a positive period for you. Though something from the past may come up but worry not. With your knowledge and wisdom you will be able to resolve it.
Lucky colour: Yellow

Do what you want to do but still choose wisely. This will lead you to some rewards and recognition.
Believe in your power NOW! You are the true magician.
Lucky colour: Light green

Keep moving ahead in whatever you are doing with lot of determination and self control. You will be successful and your success will be acknowledged by others. Seek Blessings from elders.
Lucky colour: Orange

Control your anger as you may uncreate a lot! Pause if you are feeling low. And then continue. Something new and beautiful will be created post this which will give you name, fame and money.
Lucky colour: Dark pink

A true guide you are! Continue to enlighten people and be a support to them. Continue to follow your powerful intuitions. Something may be opening up for you. Listen to some soothing music to recharge your batteries.
Lucky colour: Purple

Lot of inner conflict and obstacles but you are determined to move forward. Do not resist change. It will be good for you.
Give and receive with an open heart.
Lucky colour: Green

Lot of chaos and confusion currently. Witness it. Surrender to the divine. Something new is coming up for sure. Do not compromise on your principles for your ambition. Being neutral will be of huge help.
Lucky colour: Red

Relax and practice deep breathing. You will feel calmer. Start working on the new project that you
have in mind. Start planning slowly. No hasty decisions.
Lucky colour: White

Stay positive and keep moving ahead. Enjoy the beautiful life. Your past is not letting you do that. Let it go in order to rise and shine.
Take care of your stomach issues if there are any.
Lucky colour: Golden yellow

Taking charge of your emotions this week will help you a lot. This will pull you down bringing in lot of negative thoughts. Give yourself some time witnessing your emotions and healing yourself.
Lucky colour: Brown

Nurture yourself and those who you love. Concentrate on yourself I am stay away from gossip and conflicts.
Spend time beautifying your home and creating a happy space.
Lucky colour: Off-white


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