Weekly Tarot Guidance

 Weekly Tarot Guidance

You have everything in form of good health and education, knowledge, life experiences, support from friends and family. Accept and embrace this. You are not alone. Review and have lot of gratitude. This will help you move forward.
Lucky colour: Sky blue

Believe in yourself and makeba decision this week. Weigh all the pros and cons. It will be good for you in the long run.
All this is is going to you take care of your relationship issues as well. This is a good time to cleanse your past pains also.
Lucky colour: Light green

time to take every step very cautiously. Plan wisely using all your knowledge and the power of positive thinking. you can create magic as you have always been doing that.
Lucky colour: Orange

You may have been feeling emotionally troubled for a while now. Worry not. Pray and focus your thoughts
on the outcome you desire this week. You are supported by the universe.
Lucky colour: Blue

Time for you to do something new and move forward. Release all your inner conflicts. All the hard work you do now will bring you stability and success bringing in reasons for celebrations.
Lucky colour: Dark green

You are feeling tied up when it comes to making decisions. Practice deep breathing and relax. Time to share your
knowledge and gifts with everyone around you. Spread your wings.
Lucky colour: Purple

Keep moving ahead because the foundation you laid in the past has become very strong now. Forgive and have lot of gratitude for any situation or people from that phase of your life. Financially, you will be becoming stable in times to come.
Lucky colour: Yellow

You are trying to bring balance in every aspect of your life. Your energy is getting scattered with so many options around you. Time to focus your energy on the things that you can pull through alone.  Make the best use of your immense knowledge and be a light to others.
Lucky colour: Red

Are you feeling stuck at this moment when it comes to work? Try changing your perspective towards the way you approach anything. There definitely is an alternate way possible. Continue to do your homework in order to bring in stability in your life.
Lucky colour: Grey

This week, take it easy and relax. Also you need to take care of your back. Law of attraction is working full power in your life at the moment. Hence be a little careful about your thoughts. Chances of getting support are very high this week.
Lucky colour: Khaki green

Accept the current situation in your life. You may need to reach out for support. This will bring about many positive changes for you.
Embrace new opportunities that come your way.
Lucky colour: Golden

You may feel emotionally low this week. Excessive work is not letting you take care of yourself. Take it easy and concentrate on yourself.
Taking care of any important communication or meeting will do you good.
Lucky colour: White


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