Breathe a sigh of relief. Make new plans this week as something from the past is getting completed.
You may receive some pending messages in this week.
Lucky colour: Yellow

Have gratitude for what you have and where you are at this juncture. This will help you find your anchor. Many of you may be feeling stuck because you are resisting change. Be in the receiving mode.
Lucky colour: Dark pink

Time to act upon your plans while being aware of your emotions. You may want to avoid or postpone any kind of partnership if you are planning. Creativity during this period will be suitably rewarded.
Lucky colour: Rust

Some solutions may come up if you are in a sticky situation. Time to take action as you are prepared for your next step.
Lot of self control and patience will be needed though.
Lucky colour: Red

A difficult situation may be coming to an end. Hence you need to stay where you are. Weigh all the pros and cons
before moving ahead. This would be like a dream come true for you.
Lucky colour: Sky blue

Time to create magic in your and everyone else’s life. You have all the required tools in the form of knowledge, time, money, etc.
Time for you to move quickly and work diligently. Use logic over emotions will help you tremendously.
Lucky colour: White

You have enough experience and knowledge by now. Utilise it wisely. You have come a long way still you need to pause and reflect. Dare to be different and there will be no looking back ever.
Lucky colour: Dark green

You have come a long way with support of your close-knit tribe. Spread your wings and move forward. You are ready to create a masterpiece of the life. Unnecessary worry is based on lack of confidence. Time to detox.
Lucky colour: Turquoise blue

You have taken a step on your new journey, keep moving ahead. Taking charge now will lead you to stability in future.
Plan ambitiously. Be more confident and take required action.
Lucky colour: Orange

Plan properly and very positively now. Be very crisp in what you desire. Financial stability is indicated. You have come a long way with huge experience. You will definitely be rewarded soon.
Lucky colour: Beige

Focus on your inner strength instead of concentrating on your weaknesses. Utilising it well will help you move ahead for sure.
You are feeling stuck at this moment. Work on yourself will definitely help you.
Lucky colour: Pink

Life is a celebration! Believe in it and keep moving ahead. Things are falling in place completely. It is absolutely safe to trust what you are doing. You have the ability to accomplish many things at the same time.
Lucky colour: Sea green


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