Time to break the chains and looked around. It will set you free to feel the magic that universe is offering you every moment. Working on your emotions will help you move ahead faster.
Lucky colour: Sky blue

Do not give up or feel low now. Life is wonderful and you have everything. Make the best of it and thrive through the power of positive thinking. It would be good if you spend some time with your family.
Lucky colour: Purple

Look after yourself and your loved ones. It will give a sense of calm and relief. Follow practical, wise advice from anywhere and you will be able to make anything beautiful. Do not feel stuck at this moment. Think how you can come out of it and you will manage beautifully.
Lucky colour: Grey

Let go of the old that is not serving you any longer. Let go of your negative thought process in order to allow the sunshine and brightness to enter your life. Some pending jobs main get completed.
Lucky colour: Dark green

Stay away from Chaos and drama by letting go of the inner conflict. Teamwork will help you stay connected.
Spend time with wise friends to get more clarity on anything that you are stuck in.
Lucky colour: Pink

Relax a bit and take care of yourself this week. Time for some self love. Start working on self now. You will be able to create
a beautiful life for yourself because everything happens bit by bit.
Lucky colour: Any shade of yellow

You have already come a long way. Keep moving ahead. Seek advise if needed. It would be
good for you as things will be in your favour.
Lucky colour: Red

Stick to the female friend or mentor who guides you and support you always. It is because of her that you are grounded.
This is leading you to a period of new beginnings. There will be end of delays also from now on.
Lucky colour: Yellow

Some kind of success and stability coming your way as your plans are working out well. You need to prepare well and use your resources wisely. You are ready to rock on!
Lucky colour: Blue

You have moved ahead in your journey. Hence do not look back. But you need to learn your lessons. This is the reason why
you are feeling low. Meditate and introspect to get your answers.
Lucky colour: White

It is a very emotional weak but something is coming to a closure also. You may be leaving lots behind which is absolutely ok. This will bring more balance and will allow you to shine like the bright star.
Lucky colour: Light purple

This week you need to give and receive with lot of gratitude. Do not be resistant to any kind of changes that life is bringing to you. You need to be a little careful in spending money for the time being at least.
Lucky colour: Brown


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