You have been searching for deeper meanings in life but in vain. Choose an alternative approach. Try and spend more time with your elders and friends to gain insights.
Lucky colour: Yellow

Take great pride in the excellent work that you have been doing. Let go of your inner conflict and go for
additional training or education. Practice more to feel more confident.
Lucky colour: Light green

It is time for you to break free and act upon your plans. Bring your thoughts into reality and see the rewards flowing your way. You have abundant resources available in the universe, use them now.
Lucky colour: Orange

Enough of living in your past. Embrace your inner child and everything else from your childhood and release it. This will help you grow for sure in every aspect of your life.
Lucky colour: Dark green

It is a period of new beginnings for you which will offer you lot of happiness for sure. Start sharing your gifts
with everyone around you now and reap the benefits. There will be end of delays also.
Lucky colour: Purple

Always stay in your integrity and fight for justice and equality. Also, it is time to start connecting more to yourself and indulge in various activities which will keep you more grounded and will improve your personality.
Lucky colour: Sky blue

You have been working on multiple jobs or projects simultaneously. You may be feeling monotonous or tired. Add some fun element in your life to bring in balance and more creativity.
Lucky colour: Dark pink

You have been having sleepless nights but times are changing. Have gratitude and manifest the life you
want instead of living in your past. You are the creator of your own life.
Lucky colour: Mango yellow

Everything happens for a reason. Release any kind of sadness or regret you are carrying. Learn your lessons
and move on to more stable times ahead.
Lucky colour: Red

Make a wish and see your dreams turning into reality. Let go of the inhibitions you carry. They are not
serving you at all. Joyful time of your life is on its way.
Lucky colour: Emerald green

Listen to your trustworthy intuitions and follow your heart. They are you answered prayers that will
help you and everyone around you.
Lucky colour: Henna green

Release the past and empty your vessel. You will definitely grow from the situation come what may. Bringing the
power of forgiveness and gratitude in your life.
Lucky colour: Silver


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