You are suffering emotionally and unable to forward because of that. Time to release the past and unburden yourself.
Brighter days are ahead of you if you manage to do this now.
Lucky colour: Yellow

A period of new beginnings and end of delays. Lot of joy and happiness coming your way when
you start to share your gifts of virtues with everyone around.
Lucky colour: White

LSome new ways opening up for you. Be a little careful when accepting this as you may have to compromise on your principles.
This is a rock bottom situation for you. Practice forgiveness to come out of it at the earliest.
Lucky colour: Light blue

You may feel you are at a crossroad. Decide and move ahead instead of contemplating. You may also need
to get additional information on knowledge to come out of this dilemma.
Lucky colour: Red

Time to take action. Believe in your farsightedness instead of being in denial.
You may study further if you have been wanting to.
Lucky colour: Dark pink

You are where you are with all your hard work. Time to review your progress and make new plans
though lot is still hidden. Have some patience. Overall, a stable week.
Lucky colour: Yellow

All your needs will be met in the most unexpected manner besides your current obstacles. Time to move
forward and not look back. Everything is getting in place.
Lucky colour: Grey

Mental, emotional, and spiritual support will help you pull through this phase. Enough of pleasing others.
Take out time for yourself in order to break free. Heal yourself.
Lucky colour: Orange

Lot of things will clear up in the months to come if you take action now. New phase coming up in your relationships.
Accept it and embrace it. Love and joy coming your way.
Lucky colour: Dark green

Self-care is of utmost importance now. In order to reach here, you have lost out on yourself completely.
Bring in self-love into your life. Reach out for support.
Lucky colour: Turquoise blue

Lot of things are becoming okay for you but you are not able to see at this moment on the surface.
Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Believe in it and have faith. You are supported.
Lucky colour: Light green

Make a wish. Everything is possible and can become a reality. Do not hesitate to go for some
guidance or a counselling session if required.
Lucky colour: Red


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