You are truly blessed. Share your gifts with others this week. More you give, more you will receive. Give with a grateful heart. It will keep you grounded bringing in more positivity and stability in your life.
Lucky colour: Deep pink

Everything happening in your life is in divine order. Love and blessings fill every aspect of your life. You will sail through this week beautifully with the support of your loved ones.
Lucky colour: Dark green

You may have been feeling out of balance all this while. You will be supported in various ways this week.
This will help in bringing you back in alignment with yourself.
Lucky colour: Light blue

It is time for you to take action this week. Enough of only planning! You may also have to take some
bold decisions which will bring in success in the times to come.
Lucky colour: Orange

Keep exploring all the possibilities that come your way. You are made to expand completely. Weigh all the pros and cons if you are planning to get into something new, it can be a partnership also.
Lucky colour: Green

Every dark night is followed by a beautiful morning. Hence it is time for you to pause and reflect. Time to work on yourself and your energies to bring back your centre. Heal yourself. It is time to take back your power.
Lucky colour: Black

A very stable week for you. Listen to your inner guidance and follow that. You will receive immense joy by spending time with
your family members. This joy will give you a new lease of life.
Lucky colour: Orange

You are on a journey wherein you are not aware of many things. Do not hesitate to reach out for support. It can be a mental, emotional, physical or a spiritual support.
Lucky colour: Red

Have full confidence in yourself. Follow your heart and listen to your inner guidance to continue
to be on your journey. Do whatever you love to do.
Lucky colour: Purple

You have come a long way in your journey. Have gratitude for whatever you have learnt all this while. Always follow
your intuition  It will take you a long way and will give you immense satisfaction.
Lucky colour: Dark blue

Let go and let God. Surrender to the divine and have full faith. You have given your best till date.
You will be rewarded for sure. Brighter times await you.
Lucky colour: Carrot pink

Time to spread your wings and move forward. There is unnecessary worry based on lack of self confidence.
Unlock your inner potential and lighten your burden.
Lucky colour: Yellow


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