Time for regeneration and renewal. Following your passion this week will help in the process. Stay grounded.
Lucky colour: Yellow

Various ways of support and celebrations opening up for you. The hurdles are behind you now. Be open to receiving with arms wide open.
Lucky colour: Red

Leave your fears behind. The storm is getting over now. Gather yourself to move to better days ahead.
Lucky colour: Sky blue

Break free from the chains that are holding you back. You are the star. Allow yourself to shine.
Lucky colour: Black

pend quality time with your loved ones including your pets. This way you will nurture yourself also.
Lucky colour: Golden

You are emotionally more stable now. Continue to work towards it. It will help you in every aspect of your life.
Lucky colour: White

Balancing is the key this week. You have been doing a good job. Pat yourself. Make new plans.
Lucky colour: Brown

Let go off the past baggage. The burden of it is not letting you move on. Do it now consciously.
Lucky colour: Rust

Have gratitude for whatever you have in life. You are truly blessed. Meditate a little every day.
Lucky colour: Deep pink

It is okay to feel out of balance. This is an opportunity for you to find the key to it. You will be able to make a decision soon.
Lucky colour: Grey

You will be able to come out of inner conflict. Stay put and analyse. You may seek support.
Lucky colour: Green

Heal your inner pain. Acknowledge it and start working towards it. This will bring in more stability in every aspect of your life.
Lucky colour: Light blue


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