Start living in the present moment now. The past is over and you must release it completely. You are moving towards better days.
Take care of your emotions this week. Do not take any hasty decision.
Lucky colour: Blue

Do what you love to do. A time of great progress in your career and any artistic activities that you are passionate about. Working in a team would be a great idea from now on. You will be suitably rewarded.
Lucky colour: White

You have done a wonderful job uptil now. Keep moving forward. Some kind of of award and recognition may come your way. Have lot of gratitude. Stay balanced. You may have to plan for any travels this week. It will be fruitful.
Lucky colour: Sky blue

Time to make a decision. But be absolutely clear on what you want. You will see great progress. Time to detoxify yourself emotionally and physically. This will help you move forward. Meditate a bit daily to regulate your sleeping pattern. This will help you release your stress.
Lucky colour: Green

This situation is not serving you. It is time for you to let go and move on. Do not get entangled in the details instead keep your eyes on the bigger picture. Make the best use of your past experience. You will see success. Always depend on your inner strength.
Lucky colour: Red

Things will be in your favour from now on. Continue to stand by what’s right. This will bring about lot of balance in life. Take writing skills to next level. It will bring reward and recognition. Relationships may get more committed. Many of you may enter into a new relationship.
Lucky colour: Dark green

Time to act upon your plans and move forward. Time for grade progress when you use your luxurious or abundant resources appropriately. You will be suitable rewarded. You may have to attend social gatherings. Be aware of your emotions.
Lucky colour: Red

All your dreams are getting fulfilled. Hard work leads to great success. You are just there! Keep moving forward though things may get delayed due to your health. Enjoy the presence of love and companionship in your life this week.
Lucky colour: Yellow

An excellent opportunity will be offered to you. Time to get to work. Read all the details before taking a decision. Spend some good family time because you will be busy in the near future. You may plan for further education or extra knowledge.
Lucky colour: Dark pink

You are a very kind, understanding, giving and intuitive person. Follow your intuitions. You will be more stable in the near future. Time to move forward with your plans. Spend some time with children.
Lucky colour: Orange

An old situation is getting over making place for something new because the foundation was not very strong. Accept. This will fill your life with love and blessings.  Things are always going to be in your favour. Continue to fight for justice and equality always. Do not give up.
Lucky colour: Purple

Time to plan wisely. It will lead to prosperity and abundance. You have all the tools in various forms to make it happen. Use them now. Your plans will turn out as expected with great growth possible. You may receive some news that you have been waiting for.
Lucky colour: White


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