An excellent opportunity is soon coming your way. Previous obstacles are getting removed as you see some movement in work. Keep moving forward while taking care of emotions as you still feeling stuck in past. You may plan for your higher studies or extra knowledge.
Lucky colour: Purple

Release your attachment to the outcome of the situation you are in. There are better ways for you. Release the pain and anger of your past and move ahead. better days are ahead of you. Make new plans and consider taking a more uplifting approach.
Lucky colour: Yellow

A forgiving and compassionate review of the past will bring in more balance. You are about to start a new life. You may get some financial gains also. You may finalise your travel plans this week.
Lucky colour: Orange

Release all the toxic attachments. This will give you an opportunity to improve on your plans. Listen to your intuition for guidance. Facing your fears will make you grow stronger. Be aware of getting trapped in unnecessary emotional drama this week.
Lucky colour: Grey

You can do anything right now, hence go after what you want. You will attract helpful and reliable people. Spend your money wisely. Stay away from unnecessary expenditure.
Lucky colour: Red

Time to relax and take it easy. Spending time in meditation will ease out things for you. Keep believing in yourself completely. All your dreams will come true. A difficult situation is ending making you shine like a bright star. Take care of elders in your family.
Lucky colour: White

Time to change your perspective towards things in life. Pause and reflect for insights. Dare to be different to see more magic in your life.
Period of mode stability for you. Take care of your feminine aspect.
Lucky colour: Green

Tread carefully and skillfully. There is so much to accomplish. Make a very detailed plan and follow it. It will lead you to financial gains. You have found some trustworthy, understanding and devoted people in your journey. Stay loyal to them.
Lucky colour: Khaki green

Keep your eyes on the bigger picture and leave the details to others. Keep inspiring people with your generosity. Your experience will lead you to success. Keep moving forward instead of feeling stuck. A better way is opening up for you.
Lucky colour: Blue

Be aware of your own emotions. Seek out other possibilities instead of dipping low. Wheel of fortune is spinning for you showing growth in every aspect of your life.
Lucky colour: Dark green

Bring in some fun element in your life. Doing multiple jobs simultaneously is making you feel on the edge. Take few deep breaths, pause for a while and prioritize. It is important to have balance.
Lucky colour: Pink

All your material needs will be expected in the most magical and unexpected. Have lot of gratitude for that. Spending time with your loved ones will be rejuvenating.
Lucky colour: Golden


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