Weekly tarot guidance

 Weekly tarot guidance

Your confidence is your personal power. Taking care of your emotions this week will perk you up. It will also boost up your
confidence. Do not compromise on your principles.
Lucky colour: Yellow

Start working on the ideas that you already have. Things have already started moving in the right direction for you. Some new resources for time, money and support may open up for you. Do not get trapped into the feeling of hopelessness.
Lucky colour: Sky blue

You are absolutely brilliant and self-reliant. You know exactly what to do. Time to utilise your experiences now and create something amazing out of it. Concentrate more on your career rather than relationships.
Lucky colour: White

You may feel that you are at a crossroad. Pause and reflect and apply your knowledge, wisdom and experience. Still, if needed seek guidance instead of feeling low and confused. Have an honest and open communication.
Lucky colour: Dark blue

Let go of your past. It is troubling you and not letting you grow. Embrace your inner child in order to be in your present
instead of having sleepless nights.
Lucky colour: Green

Witness and experience whatever is happening in your life instead of questioning them. Time to move fast and logically. Accept all the sudden changes you see. All this is making you stronger and committed.
Lucky colour: Light green

Lot of inner conflict and emotional turmoil due to others. Step aside and see the situation. You will be able to analyse better
and make right choices. Take care of your emotions.
Lucky colour: Light brown

Very loving and positive week ahead. You may express your love and acceptance to someone and will be reciprocated in the same manner. These are your soul connects and are long lasting and stable. Start believing in the power of love once again. You will feel protected.
Lucky colour: Purple

Lot of balance is coming your way releasing all that is not required. Lot of financial stability for you and your family in the coming weeks. Spend quality time with your family.
Lucky colour: Rainbow colours

Things are moving for you in your right direction. But you have to let go of your past completely as this is a huge block in your way. This will fasten up things for you. Take care of your back if you feel any discomfort.
Lucky colour: Red

An emotional situation that you are in will go away soon. Seek help if you require. Time to shift your consciousness
and take an alternate approach towards life.
Lucky colour: Dark brown

You have some amazing ideas to be worked upon. Do not let the bumpy track hinder your progress. Clear up all
your communication problems with others.
Lucky colour: Grey


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