Tarot readings for you

 Tarot readings for you

Friends, the wait is over. We reveal the tarot card readings to you. We shall be back with the next set of cards for you next Sunday (March 10, 2019)…

Here are the reveals…
🌷Image 1: You have been overworking for a long time now without any results. Stop overburdening yourself. This is what you have been doing. Hence, the damage. Your angels are there guiding you and looking after you all the time. Reach out to them for help. You are a bit sceptical about it but it surely is going to bring about positive changes. Give it a shot.
🌷Image 2: Love and blessings fill your life. Be grateful for that. Share what you have to. Show your gratitude. When you give with a grateful heart, it comes back to you manifolds. This is how kind our universe is!  Also, it is indicated that you give some more time to your relationships to fill whatever the gap is, if there is any. When you follow these basic things in life you will feel more peaceful inside.
🌷Image 3: Now that you have already taken a step ahead into the unknown, do not retreat. You are bound to succeed if you follow your heart now without being confused. This was bound to happen because you were meant to walk this path. Have faith in yourself and be confident about what you are doing. While on this journey, you may have to let go of some emotions, thoughts, feelings and even people as they may not resonate with you or vice versa. Be open to letting go and receiving whatever is in best and highest good for you.
You will be beautifully rewarded all along.
🌷Image 4: I know you are feeling stuck at the moment and it is absolutely okay to feel like this. These are the moments when you need to pause and review all the details because there definitely is a way out always. Try taking an alternate approach towards things in life. And also you need to be a bit easy on yourself. Take a break, pamper yourself and open yourself to receiving all the love from the beautiful universe in every possible way.

These are general guidances.
Deep gratitude to each one of you.

Loving vibes 💕💫
Pooja A Bhandari


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