Tarot readings for you

 Tarot readings for you

Friends, the wait is over. We reveal the tarot card readings to you. We shall be back with the next set of cards for you next Sunday (January 27, 2019)…

Here is the guidance for Full Super Moon..

🥀Image 1: This is the perfect time for you to do a life review and release any negative emotions you are carrying from your past. They are a hindrance in your journey. Times ahead are full of opportunities, happiness, excitement and rewards.

🥀Image 2: This is a great time for you to connect with your inner self. You may spend some quiet time to get insights. Listen to your inner guidance and act accordingly. You have powerful intuitions. Make the best of your psychic abilities. Also, it is the time for you to face your fears to grow stronger.

🥀Image 3: You have been in a dilemma. This is a good time to make a decision. But you need to be extremely clear about what you want and how you want. You have the power to manifest that. Be determined and keep moving forward for advancement. You shall be acknowledged. Time for detoxification.

🥀Image 4: For you this moon brings loving energies. You need to take care of your home and family and of course, yourself. Everything begins with self love. Be with people who you feel connected to. Follow your heart. Commitment in romantic relationships is indicated.

Thank you for all your love.
These are general guidances. Hope you resonate with them.

Loving vibes 💕💫
Pooja A Bhandari



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