Tarot reading for you

 Tarot reading for you

Friends, the wait is over. We reveal the tarot card readings to you. We shall be back with the next set of cards for you next Sunday (October 21)…

Here we go folks…


🌷Image 1: Time for some abundance showers in your life now. All your hard work will be paid off soon. You have invested selflessly in every possible way. All your dreams are on their way to be fulfilled. Enjoy all the beautiful things in life that you love. Time to take a vacation or a small break. It would do you good.

🌷Image 2: Go and get together with your friends and bring in some joyful and healing energies into your life. A new journey in your life is about to begin. You have already taken a step onto the path. You may not see it yet which is absolutely okay at the moment. Overseas travel for some.

🌷Image 3: Time to spend time at home and with your family. Create some space for them in your schedule. It will help bridge the unknown gap. It is time to nurture and make things even more beautiful.

🌷Image 4: You have shown extreme patience and self-control all this while. The new day is just around the corner. Just hang in there. But you may have to compromise objectively on something at this juncture. Your material needs will be taken care of in the most magical ways now.

Thank you for all your love and patience.

These are the general readings.

Hope you resonate with them.

Loving vibes 💕💫

Pooja A Bhandari


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