Tarot card readings for you

 Tarot card readings for you

Friends, the wait is over. We reveal the tarot card readings to you. We shall be back with the next set of cards you on next Saturday (April 21)…

🌻Card 1- It is time for you keep a check on your sluggishness. A positive change is about to come. Believe in the Shakti that resides inside you and move ahead accordingly. Stop procrastinating things.  The vast sky is the limit for you. Be in the NOW.
*Chant OM atleast 21 times daily to raise your vibration.
🌻Card 2- Now is the time for you to be calm and accept everything as it comes-good, bad, ugly, everything. And offer everything to the Divine, which means you have to completely surrender to the universe to see the magic of easy flow in your life. There are no impossible situations. Have confidence and faith and keep moving.
*Increase the intake of water.
🌻Card 3- You need to slow down and take it easy. You need to take a break from daily life.
This card also says that a situation in your life is getting healed up. It can be physical or emotional. Allign your chakras with the help of a chakra meditation. Appreciate the situation you are in and take it as a learning experience.
*Keep a red rose with you everyday.
🌻Card 4- Detach from all the drama and chaos around you. Move away from the situation that is no longer serving you. Be open to receiving from the universe.  It is time for you to concentrate on yourself. Take charge of your emotions. Make sure you make time for yourself everyday without a fail. It will also help you to connect within.
*Add some green color in your daily life.
These are general readings. Hope you resonate with the reveals.
Loving vibes 💕💫
Pooja A Bhandari



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