Here are your tarot readings

 Here are your tarot readings

Friends, the wait is over. We reveal the tarot card readings to you. We shall be back with the next set of cards for you next Sunday (May 19)… Here we go folks..

🌸Image 1: A fertile period for you wherein your plans are working out well. Make a very detailed plan because there is loads to accomplish. You will be able to make it a success. Time you use your resources extremely wisely. Tip: Add some pink color in your daily life.

🌸Image 2: Do not give up on what you are doing as you already have reached more than halfway through. But at the same time see the other’s point of view also. Rulings will be made in your favour if you stay in your integrity. You may need to have an open an honest communication with people involved. Celebration times ahead. Tip: Keep a white handkerchief with you.

🌸Image 3: Plan and act wisely now. You can create the desired magic if you creatively move ahead. You will be suitably rewarded in the new innings that you are entering /about to enter. Be open and clear in all your dealings as you too seek purity in everything you do. Tip: Increase your daily water intake.

🌸Image 4: Determination and persistence is the key for you this week. Keep moving ahead with these virtues. Believe in your intuitive abilities and follow them. Be a little more social from now on to be able to connect to more people from your tribe. Stay connected to the source in the universe. Stay grounded. Stay protected by shielding your energies. Tip: Get involved in some environmental activities.

Thank you for all your love and patience.

These are general guidances. Hope you resonate with them.

Loving vibes 💕💫
Pooja A Bhandari


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