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‘Chemical Khichdi’ is part-memoir, part-reportage and part self-help guide

Team L&M Mental health conditions have multiplied after the pandemic, but solutions to these challenges remain hard to find. Author and columnist Aparna Piramal Raje’s new book Chemical Khichdi: How I Hacked My Mental Health (Penguin Random House India), released yesterday, is a bold attempt to normalise conversations on these topics. Part-memoir, part-reportage and part […]Read More


How to capture power of data without replacing human connections

Team L&M UserTesting (NYSE: USER), a leader in video-based human insight, has launched User Tested: How the World’s Top Companies Use Human Insight to Create Great Experiences. The book is co-authored by UserTesting Chief Insights Officer Janelle Estes and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Andy MacMillan. Available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, User Tested gives […]Read More

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