Do parallel universes exist? or are they figment of imagination

 Do parallel universes exist? or are they figment of imagination

The Time Traveller

For long, parallel universes and the multiplicity of dimensions has been a question that has intrigued science. Only in the imagination of the bold or perhaps the compulsive hallucinator such questions arise where the person considers multiplicity of universes thronging the cosmic spectrum.

Recent discoveries in quantum physics, the study of the physics of sub-atomic particles as well as in cosmology, the branch of astronomy and astrophysics that deals with the universe taken as a whole, shed light on how mind  interacts with matter. These discoveries compel acceptance of the idea that there is far more than just one universe and that we constantly interact with many of these “hidden” universes.

Till the beginning of the last century, scientific development  accepted the concept of only one universe. The universe in which we based our existentialist realities in. There was the concept of the universe as a whole and not a part of something. No one even contemplated that there were infinitely more realities and corresponding universes than what we were aware of. All development was primarily dependent on the scriptures that different religions based their survival on and nothing that went against the religious concepts held any credibility. Whoever propounded anything at variance with the established church, or any other religion, was immediately neutralised one way or the other.



Science, however, went a step further in its quest to locate the coordinates of what will perhaps be one of the finest recent discoveries. For man today, the concept of multiple realities or parallel universes is understandably out of reach. We live in a reality based on the existence of a three-dimensional world where there is nothing except air, fire and water but in reality that encompasses the quantum world dependent on the movement and speed of atoms travelling at breakneck speed across the universe it is equally difficult to understand the concept and the reality of the same atom co-existing elsewhere in the universe. One cannot even fathom the speed at which an atom transports itself to the other side of the universe, as it were, in less than a billionth of a second. Science fiction…? Perhaps not.

Apart from this confusing application of parallel and bubble universes, how do we determine whether this three-dimensional reality is also applicable in the parallel universe under discussion? Mundane to the point of being silly but worth a discussion and serious thought.

While we discuss and wonder about the existence of parallel universes, could it just be possible that the unidentified flying saucers are inhabitants of a parallel universe and have mastered the technology which allows them inter dimensional travel. To put it simply, do they just step out of their universe and walk in into ours, like walking in and out of a room? Science fiction once again?

Any airborne flying object travelling at the speed of light or more and which appears to be guided by intelligent design, responding to telepathy as reported by some observers, is definitely not a figment of a hallucinated mind. Hundreds of sightings the world over and some even on the high seas are ample evidence that something is definitely not what it has been made out to be by the governments in question. This apart, our very own ancient texts talk about the different lokas (worlds) where divine and semi-divine beings reside and have the power to tele-transport themselves from one loka to another.


Parallel universe


Do these beings tele-transport themselves from one set of coordinates to another like our famous sci-fi TV serial Star Trek — beam me up Mr Spock! Food for thought!


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