Michelle Poonawala’s solo show at inaugural Women’s Super Car Club of India drive

 Michelle Poonawala’s solo show at inaugural Women’s Super Car Club of India drive

Michelle Poonawalla with one of her cars. Image courtesy of the artist

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In collaboration with the Women’s Super Car Club of India drive, Gurugram , artist Michelle Poonawalla will be showcasing works from her graffiti series, including Cosmos, Desert Rose I, Autumn Graffiti Flutters, Graffiti Water Reflections, Multi-Colour Graffiti Splash, and Raining Butterflies at the Big Boy Toyz, on February 20. Poonawalla’s works will be showcased amongst magnificent BMW, Ferrari and Rolls Royce cars.

Supercars are the ultimate in motoring design and engineering and this collaboration ties together the dynamism and the beauty of Poonawalla’s art practice with some of the greatest cars in the country. Poonawalla’s signature motif of a butterfly represents a symbol of freedom and beauty complementing the speed and elegance of the cars on show.

Desert Rose I; Raining Butterflies and Autumn Graffiti Flutters by artist Michelle Poonawalla

Cosmos has been inspired by street art and graffiti; whilst taking her traditional motif, the work brings a new urban element incorporating bold colours and flowing patterns as groups of butterflies swarm together. Her work Graffiti Water Reflections depicts butterflies dancing over a pool of water. The abstract work features 3D butterflies and offers a poetic but bold image, highlighting the blues and whites of a turbulent body of water. The work creates a dramatic visual language incorporating sculptural features and a sense of dynamism.

“I am delighted to be able to show my artworks at the first Women’s Super Car Drive in the country. For me, this collaboration is a great opportunity to showcase my body of work amongst the high quality motor engineering and luxury brands in India. Alongside my painting many people know my families passion for cars and it is a wonderful experience to see these two passions come together,” says the artist who lives and works between London, UK, and Pune, India.

Big Boy Toyz COO and Women’s Super Car Club of India founder Ritika Ahuja will kick off the drive at 8:30AM with a champagne brunch and preview at their Gurugram space for all the members of the club.

The exhibition will be open from 8:30am – 2.00pm


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