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Tarot readings for you

Life&More October 1, 2019

Friends, the wait is over. We reveal the tarot card readings to you. We shall be back with the next set of cards for you next Sunday (October 06). Here we go folks…

🌸Image 1: You can manifest the kind of life you want. Things coming to full circle for you. Successful beginnings bringing along the magic of confidence, courage and charisma. Deep spiritual growth and heightened intuitions for many of you. Hence breathe deep and relax instead of wondering.
KEY MESSAGE – Decide and take action.
TIP : Work on balancing your chakras.
AFFIRMATION: I accept the universal wisdom fully in every cell of my body.

🌸Image 2: Keep moving ahead and be the light that you are to everyone around you. Your dreams are getting fulfilled slowly and steadily bringing in the desired outcome. Your success will be acknowledged too! Time to control your aggression and anger. Shift to doing your work subtly yet being assertive.
KEY MESSAGE – Determination and self control.
TIP – Spend some time with children on a regular basis.
AFFIRMATION- I am complete and content.

🌸Image 3: Making bold choices and forging relationships with people who share your vision will surely bring in the kind of stability you are looking for. You can do it because you can win over people with your kind & soothing words and wise advice. It will open up new resources of money, time effort and support. Great progress is possible for you with lot of efficiency.
KEY MESSAGE – Take complete charge of situation at hand.
TIP – Purify your thoughts by becoming more aware of your actions.
AFFIRMATION- I am centered and in perfect rhythm with Nature.

🌸Image 4: Stop holding your own growth by clinging on to that is no longer yours. It can be people, situations or simply your own thoughts. Just let go and also it is time to release the past. Breathe, pause and start afresh. More enriching days are waiting for you. Open your heart to love and receiving abundance from the universe.
KEY MESSAGE – Let go and let God.
TIP – Add some flowers around you regularly.
AFFIRMATION – I am flourishing.

Thank you for all your love and patience.

These are general guidances. Hope you resonate with them.

Loving vibes đź’•đź’«
Pooja A Bhandari

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