Free tarot readings for you

 Free tarot readings for you

Here we go folks..

Tarot has always guided us to take best action possible. The current energies are reflected to an extent in this week’s readings. Many of us are spending more time at home which is the need of the hour. IT IS OKAY TO SELF QUARANTINE.

Stay safe. Stay blessed. Stay happy and healthy.

🌸Image 1: Angels are guiding you to get rid of the clutter. You need to clear your inner and outer space. You have been given this beautiful opportunity to do that while you are at home. Also you have always been wanting to do something creative. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a nice meal, photograph, a painting or simply anything. Just go ahead and do that regardless of whatever it is. It will bring you purpose and fulfillment.
TIP: Relax your mind and body by meditating regularly.
LUCKY COLOUR: Light green.
AFFIRMATION: I am productive.

🌸Image 2: You have a special bond with children. You connect well with them. Make the best of this time by creating something which will empower them. You have been confused about a lot of things. This is the time for you to stop and go within and allow yourself to step into the the depth of your mind and emotions. This will help you uncover your truth.
TIP: Drink lots of water.
AFFIRMATION: I know my truth as I am awakening.

🌸Image 3: Have crystal clear intention about your desires. Do not get swayed by the current situation. Have unwavering faith and keep moving ahead.  This is the best time to heal yourself in order to heal many people on a planetary level in the near future. Release any blocks that you are carrying. You are a true messenger of light and well being for people.
TIP: Have faith.
AFFIRMATION: My path is getting activated with the Creator’s divine light.

🌸Image 4: Your dreams are blooming during these testing times also. You need to have patience with yourself and those around you.
Treat yourself well and take care of the self talk that is going on in your mind. Your inner chatting is making you more impatient. Time to realign your thought process and your consciousness.
TIP: Treat yourself the way you would like to be treated by others.
LUCKY COLOUR: Light pink.
AFFIRMATION: I am nurturing myself with the energy of my own loving vibrations.

Thank you for all your love and patience.

These are general guidances. Hope you resonate with them.

Stay safe. Loving vibes 💕💫

Pooja A Bhandari


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