Sicilian Notes from Kiko Milano

 Sicilian Notes from Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano has introduced the Sicilian Notes collection with Italian DNA; resting, glittering and vibrant skin appearance makeup products, as well as makeup products that make eyes and lips stand out.
It’s time to enjoy Nature’s revitalising and nourishing properties and textures with this line of citrus-based products and ingredients derived from natural oils. Start by detoxifying and brightening your skin with Sicilian Notes Energising Cleanser and gently rid your face of impurities and traces of make-up. Its formula is enriched with tangerine extract and vitamin E, with protective properties.
Thanks to the natural lemon and almond peel particles, it gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and luminous. Apply it using the Sicilian Notes Lemon Konjac Sponge to gently remove impurities and gently exfoliate the skin to make the complexion even and flawless.
Then use the Sicilian Notes Energising Toner, a hydrating and energizing face tonic, Ideal for rebalancing and brightening the skin of the face. Its formula is enriched with tangerine extract, camu extract and vitamin B3 with protective properties. It has an innovative gel texture, very fluid and citrus aroma that gives an immediate feeling of freshness.
Finish with a Sicilian Notes Energising Face Moisturizer to restore your skin’s natural moisture and boost vitality and radiance. Its formula is enriched with tangerine extract, camu and vitamin B. It has a light texture and flavoured with citrus touches that fits all skin types.

Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Brightening Primer
Create the perfect foundation for makeup by applying Sicilian Notes Brightening Primer all over your face, an illuminating and antioxidant serum that mitigates imperfections and extends make-up. Being the perfect base for all the skin types, the brightening primer consists of light weight texture that leaves a nourishing, instant glowing finish. Alongside, it prevents the fine lines on the face and also improves the hold of the makeup.
Price Rs 1,890
Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Full Coverage Hydra Foundation
It has a lightweight texture which helps to camouflage imperfections while protecting the skin. As it contains 17% collagen and 33% elastin, it prevents us from aging and fine lines. Apply the Sicilian Notes Full Coverage Hydra Foundation, a medium-to-high-coverage moisturising foundation with a water-based formula that gives a feeling of hydration and protection. It is enriched with hyaluronic acid and sweet orange blossom extract. Thanks to the included brush, it applies easily and gives the face a uniform and radiant complexion with simple gestures.
Price Rs 2,290
Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Eyes and Lip Primer
A new 2-in-1 product which provides a perfect base for eyes and lips. It prevents the makeup from melting and smudging. It is one of the leading multifunctional cross selling product. It creates a magnetic look, playing with matt and metallic colours for an extreme definition. Prepare the eyelids with the Eye and Lips Primer for a colour that remains fresh and flawless throughout the day.
Price Rs 1,000
Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Liquid Lip Colour Duo
It gives a matte and shiny lip paint. Side 1 provides matte, comfortable & long lasting effect. Side 2 provides super shinny and one stroke. It gives 2-in-1 effect and finish for day and night look.
Price Rs 1,190
Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Maxi Eyeshadow Palette
A “must have” eyeshadow palette that comes in nine colours. It is a one-stroke payoff for silky texture for professional results. Combine the colour shades of Sicilian Notes Long Lasting Eyeshadow Duo, a bicolour liquid shade lasting up to 10h with matte and metallic finish or the various shades of Sicilian Notes Maxi Eyeshadow Palette.
Price Rs 2,490
Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Long Lasting Eyeshadow Duo
It is a 2-in-1 product with matte and metallic finish. It is a liquid eyeshadow with long-lasting effect in just one stroke.
Price Rs 1,150
Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Nutrilash Mascara
It is a 16H long lasting tested mascara. It is made up of six potent naturally derived active ingredients for a deep treatment and protection. It gives 27% long lashes along with volumizing the lashes.
Price Rs 1,500


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