Oncologists call for greater adoption of tech innovations to improve cancer treatment

 Oncologists call for greater adoption of tech innovations to improve cancer treatment

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At the fourth annual conference of the Oncology Forum, a conglomerate of oncology clinicians in Delhi/NCR, global health experts, leading oncologists called for greater adoption of technological enabled medical procedures to improve cancer treatment in India. They also emphasised on the need for collaborative efforts to bring globally acclaimed treatment solutions for patients suffering from cancer and address the clinical challenges. The three-day conclave was organised by Fortis Cancer Institute, Delhi/NCR.

In the last 10 years, cancer has become one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in India. It has emerged as a major public health threat. Last year, there were over 1.3 million new cases of cancer while the estimated number of deaths was 8.5 lakh.

The conclave also focused on encouraging timely screening along with early diagnosis of cancer, bringing precision in treatment of newly diagnosed cancers, developing evidence-based treatment solutions, improving treatment approach and increasing access to comprehensive cancer care in India. It saw virtual and physical participation from more than 500 delegates with representatives from all private & government institutes in Delhi/NCR across different specialities. Prominent among those present were Dr GK Rath, Dr Vinod Raina, Dr Amit Aggarwal, Dr A K Anand, Dr S Hukku, Dr Muneesh Gairola, Dr Kishore Singh, Dr Vineet Talwar, Dr Gagan Gautam.

The first day of the conclave focused on ’evidence-based discussions – where leading experts deliberated on the new evidences that were generated in the last one year and how these have helped in providing better treatment to patients.

The second day emphasised on ‘driving consensus’. The last day of the conclave took place in a hybrid format where many senior and experienced practicing oncologists discussed the new and upcoming technological advancements which will revolutionise oncology treatment in the upcoming decades. Some of the discussions revolved around making robotic surgery more acceptable & affordable to patients, how Chemotherapy can be made cheaper – by introducing Daycare Chemotherapies, introducing Indian drugs etc.





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