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From September 10, expect doorstep delivery of govt services in Delhi

Life&More September 3, 2018

Team L&M

With an eye on the fast-approaching 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) seems to be all out to please the voters in the National Capital. The latest in the series is offering the people of Delhi the facility of doorstep delivery of services in the city without having to run from one office to another to get their work done.

On how successful this new offering, to be introduced from September 10, be only time will tell but Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has promised that through doorstep delivery of services, a person can even get an income or caste certificate, driver’s licence, or pension through a “single phone number”.

“On September 10, the Delhi government will give you a single phone number on which you can just order the service you want. Just convey the time to suit your convenience and a Delhi government official will come to your doorstep to get your work done,” said Kejriwal.

The concept of doorstep delivery of services aims to curb the role of touts, save time of citizens and cut short long queues in front of offices. “After just one call, the official will come to your home with all the required machines including biometrics and scanners. You will have to upload your documents and your certificate or license will be delivered to you within a week,” added Kejriwal.

The Delhi chief minister said this scheme would first consist of only “40 government services” by the Delhi government but will gradually offer 150 services to the people of the national capital.

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Meanwhile, the Delhi government has ordered restoration of 2.53 lakh ration cards in the National Capital. It has also warned officers that they will be “personally responsible” for starvation deaths of eligible beneficiaries.

Despite strong objections by the Food and Civil Supplies Minister Imran Hussain, the Delhi government claimed that over 2.50 lakh ration cards were cancelled allegedly by Delhi’s Food Commissioner between July and August 2018.

Thereafter, Hussain had ordered officials to restore the cancelled cards immediately by virtue of powers conferred by the TPDS (Targeted Public Distribution System) Control order, 2015. “The state government has accordingly directed the FSOs (Food and Supply Officers) of circles to restore the deleted 2,53,178 ration cards,” read the circular. In the circular, Hussain said non-compliance of the directions “shall invite stringent disciplinary action against the FSO/FSI (Food and Supply Inspector)”.


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