Book on healthy eating among children ‘Magic In The Tiffin’ launched

 Book on healthy eating among children ‘Magic In The Tiffin’ launched

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As part of their Golden Jubilee Celebrations, The Study School launched the book Magic in the Tiffin to reinforce the idea of healthy eating at an early stage of a child’s life. School alumni Mriganka Singh released the book.

The Study School Director Shivani Wazir Pasrich, who has conceptualised the book, shared the many organic ways in which the children are exposed to developing life skills at this school.

“Food habits, tastes and choices may be even more important than the ABC. These choices are the ABCs of healthy living. Good Food and Nutrition decide the future health of our children. It’s not just about What’s in the Tiffin; it’s a mindset that we want to mentor,” she remarked.

Ayurvedic chef Ahvanya Sharma said “It is essential that children understand the significance of good food in life, accept various food groups that affect their diet in diverse ways and evolve their palette for a variety of food types.” She also shared food types that should not be consumed together and stated that liquids should be consumed either an hour before or after a meal to assist digestion. “Sun has a role to play in absorption of food and hence lunch (the time the sun is strongest) should be the main meal for the children,” said Sharma.


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