Introduce magic in your life with these mystical tales

 Introduce magic in your life with these mystical tales

Saurabh Tankha

Lately, I came across a collection of stories everyone in the family can read over and over for generations. Mystical Tales For A Magical Life (Fingerprint!; Rs 250) is a selection of “11 most adventurous, fascinating, wild, exciting and unheard stories. Each of these stories keep you glued at the edge of your seat till you complete.” In his note, author Shubha Vilas, a TEDx speaker, lifestyle coach and storyteller, says the book focusses “not only on interesting stories which by themselves are worth the book but in addition, it reveals numerous inspiring life lessons in the course of each story.” He rightly further adds that “each story, studded with resplendent gems of wisdom, inspires deep thinking.”

Each of the stories in Mystical Tales For A Magical Life have been sourced from ancient texts like the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Markandeya Purana, Kathasaritasagara and Jaimini Bharata. The author also suggests “the book be read the first time for the thrill of it. And then again a second time for the wisdom it carefully preserves within these innocent looking stories.”

Perhaps the best part of this treasure is the end note after each of the stories. In what can be termed as maidenly unique as it is perhaps for the first time that a writer very neatly explains the crux of the story and lessons learnt once the story ends. Like in the first story, Priceless Gifts in Filthy Packages, the author at the end of the story tells us how Uttanka’s life gives us a peek into the three Ps that determine the success or failure of your endeavours and govern every aspect of your lives: packaging, principles and powers. Or the note at the end of Wings of Destiny which states that the story is about the risk worth taking – life. It is also about the role destiny plays in making you the hero of your life. It’s about the chances you take, the steps you take back to move ahead, the fears you conquer, the pains you endure, the intensity you bring on as you face your challenges, and the blessings you gather along the way to become the hero of your life.

And then there are small “life’s lessons” capsules placed as blurb boxes in reverse (white text on a black background so that it stands out) within each of the stories. Like: The desire for respect is like an addictive drug. Even one dose missed magnifies the craving intensely or Finding a fault is committing a fault or Deformity of thought is most often the result of the enormity of the ego or When you live in a fortress of your own needs, you lock yourself from understanding the needs of others.

All in all, Mystical Tales For A Magical Life is worth not just one read. Every time you read a story, you get to learn something new. So, what are you waiting for? Get a copy today and let these words of wisdom bring light into your life in the same manner as they did in mine.



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