Tarot readings for you

 Tarot readings for you

Friends, the wait is over. We reveal the tarot card readings to you. We shall be back with the next set of cards for you next Monday…

🌸Image 1: Trust and follow your renewed passion in life. Time to become a little more independent. Look around and see the gifts that you have received in various forms. It could be in the form of your friends, family, comforts, helpful people, your support system etc. Accept them with arms wide open and gratitude. Also take some time off or extra sleep that is much needed by you.
TIP Seek relief from stress.

🌸Image 2: Enough of handling everything all by yourself. It is not doing you any good. Try and strike a balance by adding some fun and accepting help or support from others. This may be an opportunity for you to improve on your plans. Keep an open mind to keep learning and sharing new ideas with others. Your Angels are asking you to let go of your worries and feel their loving blessings because a new path is unfolding for you.
TIP- Face your fears and grow stronger.

🌸Image 3: Things are moving faster than you realise in your life. This also can mean that cleansing and balancing is happening at a speed. You may breathe a sigh of relief and concentrate on making new plans. It is like the light at the end of tunnel. You are being guided and protected all the time. New opportunity and inspiration is just around you. Motivate yourself to organise and prioritise to see them more clearly and grab them.
TIP- Work on balancing/healing your chakras.

🌸Image 4: Do not retreat, now that you have taken the step towards what you wanted to do. It is a divinely guided idea. There is so much to accomplish. Start making a detailed plan to take action in the days to come. You are not happy with the progress but understand that everything happens for a reason. Hence release regret and embrace the opportunities that you have.
Your dreams are blooming more rapidly than you realise.
TIP- Have patience with yourself and those around you.

Thank you for all your love and patience.

These are general guidances. Hope you resonate with them.

Loving vibes 💕💫
Pooja A Bhandari


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